Sports Betting In Missouri

Sports Betting in Missouri

With the absence of land-based sportsbooks, many residents want to know how they can start sports betting in Missouri. It turns out that there are dozens of US-friendly online sports betting sites that accept MO residents. There have been no rulings that make it against the law to use offshore online sportsbooks, being that they operate outside of the country. The state of Missouri also has no laws prohibiting Internet sports betting at offshore sites, which means that residents can bet on sports safely. As long as you are using a legitimate sports betting website, you can bet on the Kansas City Chiefs and any other sports team that you prefer.

If you are ready to get in on Missouri sports betting, you have come to the right place. We will give you information on how to bet on sports online in MO, covering details such as parlay betting and using multiple sportsbooks. By the end of the page, you will become familiar with the best online sportsbooks for Missouri residents. While it is likely that MO will – sooner than later – make sports wagering domestically legal to be offered by in-state books and casinos both online and off, that isn’t likely to happen this year. But, my homes, the Chiefs aren’t going to wait to demolish the AFC, and you don’t have to wait to demolish the books. Get online, and get betting!

Does Missouri Have Legal Land-Based Sports Betting?

Missouri, like most states, does not have land-based sports betting because of PASPA which was signed into law in 1992. This act prohibited land-based sportsbooks throughout the country (except in Nevada) and though it's been overturned and MO can finally establish its own state-based sports wagering rules and regulations, that is going to take some time.

As of the 2021 legislative session, the state has seen at least over a dozen different sports wagering bills introduced to the floor of the House and/or Senate since PASPA was repealed. There hasn’t been much movement on any of these bills, but the desire to get the local industry legalized is definitely there. Sports wagering in MO may not be up and running by the start of the NFL season, but it should definitely roll out by sometime next year at the latest. For now, the closest place to wager if you wish to use a land-based brick-and-mortar sports betting lounge is going to be in neighboring Iowa or nearby Mississippi.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Missouri?

Missouri has yet to make a decision on the online gambling question. Because of its lenient stance on gambling, it is perfectly legal for in-state residents to play online sportsbooks and even casino games if they so choose. Why? Because there are no laws the state can use to charge players for using offshore sports betting sites and gambling sites.

This is the same boat most states are in, as well. Over time, though, more and more states will follow along with the sports betting legalization trend and begin creating legislation that regulates online betting. Until then – and afterward, too – know that it is perfectly safe for you to sign up to an offshore-based online sports betting website.

Which Sports Sites Accept Missouri Residents?

Every sports betting site is different. Some are league-specific while others offer everything from cricket to minor league baseball. Because of these differences, it is essential for Missouri residents to find a sports site that accepts in-state players, is reliable, and provides a safe gambling environment.

Fortunately, there are a number of sports betting sites that accept Missouri residents since the state is considered “unregulated.” The trick is to find one that is easy to navigate and has the services you require, such as customer support and player deposit bonuses. We suggest you take your time and check out different websites to find one that fits your needs and provides you with unparalleled entertainment and the safest sports betting experience imaginable.

Facts About Legal Online Sports Betting In Missouri

  • The Show Me State has introduced bills for state-regulated sports betting each of the past three years.
  • Every sportsbook we recommend has been tested and reviewed to ensure quality, reliability, and fast payouts.
  • Missouri has more new sports bettors over the past 6 months than any other state.
  • Sports betting sites that accept MO residents have more features than Las Vegas sportsbooks.

Bovada Sportsbook - Top Missouri Sports Betting Website

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada is the most popular online sportsbook in Missouri, by a country mile. The site has been doing business, under its various brands, since before Internet sports wagering was even a thing, and Bovada continues to be a major market leader. MO residents can drive to surrounding states to bet on sports, and legal online betting might even arrive within the state’s borders sometime in the near future, but Bovada will always be a superior choice. It offers more odds on more sports than any land-based US sportsbook, and there’s never going to be any local skew to account for popular home-team action. At MO’s neighboring books in other states, you might find that the Kansas City Chiefs usually trend at around -130 on the spread. At Bovada, you’ll get -110 odds, even if you live in the heart of KC itself.

When you sign up with Bovada right now, first-time MO members to the site can get up to $250 in welcome bonus free plays, all wrapped up in the lowest rollover in the industry at just 5X. This makes Bovada’s bonus one of the most user-friendly for new bettors, which is exactly the point. Of course, seasoned bettors will find a great home with Bovada, too, and the site offers a liv

SportsBetting's Sportsbook - Our #2 Recommended Sports Betting Site In Missouri

SportsBetting Sportsbook

SportsBetting, as its name implies, is all about sports betting. While the site isn’t the most visually-refined option on desktop or mobile, it’s by far the best sportsbook when it comes to its banking options and bonuses. First off, no matter how you keep your money – whether in Missouri banks or in nationwide credit accounts or even in a crypto wallet on an exchange in another company – you will be able to deposit quickly and easily at SportsBetting. The site supports Visa, Mastercard, American Express, MoneyGram, Western Union, bank wires, money orders, cashier’s checks, and more. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are also supported, and they have quickly become the most popular deposit methods at SportsBetting.

Best of all, no matter how you wish to deposit, you can get some seriously valuable associated bonuses. If you live in Missouri and sign up for SportsBetting today, you can get a Welcome Bonus worth up to $1000 with your first deposit (promo code: SB1000), and Bitcoin depositors can get the same deal, but matched at 100% rather than 50% (promo code: 100CRYPTO). The site also sports a bonus-for-life program, where fresh deposits can get similar amounts of free-plays credited to MO member accounts.

BetOnline Sportsbook - Offers Betting Odds For All Missouri Teams

BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline is one of the longest-standing sportsbooks serving Missouri bettors, and the site’s been on the Internet for nearly two decades. In all that time, BetOnline has grown solidly into MO’s third-largest sportsbook by volume, and its new member signups could cause it to take the #2 spot in the not-too-distant future. BetOnline offers a top-quality sports betting experience for beginners and pros, with tons of banking options, fast payouts, and 24/7 customer service. Best of all, BetOnline is very adept at filling out its odds boards with tons of NCAA action, giving MO fans of the Tigers, Bears, and other college clubs lots of lines and props on just about every game of the year.

For those joining BetOnline today, there are the requisite bonuses in play. New depositors can get a welcome bonus worth up to $1000 (BOL1000), a crypto bonus worth the same amount (CRYPTO100), reload bonuses worth between 25-35% of each fresh deposit, and even refer-a-friend bonuses, racebook rebates, and casino/poker bonuses. If you like to bet, and you like to bet online – well, it’s in the name!

Top Missouri Sports Betting Sites

Online Sportsbooks
Bonuses Offered
US Players?
Play Now!
50% up to $250
5 Star Rating
US Residents Welcome! Except DE, MD, NJ, NV
All States
50% up to $1,000
5 Star Rating
US Residents Welcome!
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50% up to $1,000
5 Star Rating
US Residents Welcome!
All States
100% up to $300
5 Star Rating
US Residents Welcome!
All States
50% up to $1,000
5 Star Rating
US Residents Welcome!
All States

Other Types Of Gambling Available In Missouri

Missouri has a large number of casinos spread throughout the state. This includes St. Louis casinos like Lumiere Place, River City Casino, and a handful of others between St. Louis and Kansas City. The state also has a lottery and a few charity bingo halls.

In terms of “gambling attitude,” Missouri is quite lax because it has seen great success from its 13 existing commercial casinos. Will online sports betting and casino gambling become regulated and show up at these in-state casino venues? This is a possibility, though the state will likely wait to see how regulated sports gambling goes over in other states.

Does Missouri Allow Pari-Mutuel Betting?

According to,Missouri does not currently have any dedicated Thoroughbred horse racing tracks, though state fairs will sometimes host races. Further, simulcast wagering and OTB wagering are both legal and accepted in the state. For live racing action, there are options for in-state residents to drive over to Illinois or another neighboring state, which has become the M.O. for many people who want to bet on horses in MO.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Bet Sports Online In Missouri?

In order to safely wager on sports over the Internet in Missouri, you will have to be at least 18 years of age. While the gambling age in MO is 21, there is currently no sports betting available at state-licensed venues. This means that you can defer to your offshore sportsbooks’ age limits. That said, the moment state-based sports betting becomes legal in Missouri, the age limit will likely be set at 21. Once that happens, even if you decide to sign up at an offshore sportsbook instead of using a local solution, you will have to abide by MO’s laws. For now, though, if you’re at least 18, you can safely and legally wager at your choice of reputable offshore sports betting sites.

What Teams Can I Bet On In Missouri?

Once you join an online sportsbook, there are several teams that you can bet on in Missouri. Actually, you can bet on any team you want! But MO bettors do tend to favor certain teams, and those are the clubs we’re talking about here. Missouri has a major presence when it comes to professional sports, offering teams that represent almost every league. When it comes to collegiate sports, you will also find betting lines on a couple of the NCAA basketball and football teams in the state. We have provided a list of the most popular sports teams for Missouri sports fans to bet on, but also keep in mind that online sportsbooks allow bettors to wager on these teams and countless others! Additionally, once MO casinos open their own sportsbooks in the future, you can expect massively inflated odds on these home teams, making it smarter than ever to always shop around at offshore books even when betting at local casino lounges.

Pro Sports:

  • Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)
  • Kansas City Royals (MLB)
  • Sporting Kansas City (MLS)
  • St Louis Cardinals (MLB)
  • St Louis Blues (NHL)

Can I Signup At More Than One Sportsbook?

To make the most profit from online sports betting, we always recommend that bettors sign up at more than one sportsbook. You can make more money by shopping around for the best lines and odds. Quite often, you will find that totals and point spreads differ as well, and even the smallest variances can add up to hundreds of dollars over time. Using multiple sites can also be beneficial if you bet on a variety of different sports that are not widely available at every sportsbook. Most sports betting sites offer exclusive bonuses and rewards for opening accounts, which means you can earn more bonus free plays when using different sites. While we do not suggest redeeming more money than you can afford to wager, developing a good strategy with multiple sportsbooks can be beneficial to your return in the long run for several reasons. When you’re a member at multiple offshore Missouri sportsbooks, you can shop lines, double up on bonuses, and browse different platforms to pick the best solutions for your specific wagering needs.

What Is A Parlay Bet?

Of all the wager types available to sports bettors for sports betting in Missouri, parlay bets are one of the most fun to execute. This is because you get to make a series of different wagers and essentially combine them into one huge bet for a massive payout (i.e. for much more than each individual wager would add up to be on their own). You can choose from a variety of different sports, such as NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and more rather than having to stick to just one sport or one game. These can be moneyline, point spread, and totals bets, too. Sometimes, you can even mix in player and team props!

To win a parlay bet, all selections must win or the bet is considered a loss. Predicting a 3-team parlay can be difficult, so you can imagine how challenging it can be when you are betting 9-team and 10-team parlays. That is why the payoffs increase substantially as you add more bets. The odds for parlays will vary by sportsbook, but if you want to know your potential payoff before placing a wager, you can. You can either look at the parlay payout chart on the sportsbook site, or simply add your selections to your bet slip to get a payout preview.